06 December 2011


I would be killed for saying this if fans of the movie read this, but I am getting tired of the series. This part 1 of the two-part finale was boring and draggy for me and there wasn't much action at all.

After the earlier movies focused on how Edward and Bella went against all odds to be together as a human-vampire couple and their complicated relationship with the werewolf boy Jacob, this entire movie was on how they finally married each other, consummated their marriage (yes, a human and vampire can have sexual relations) and what Bella went through before giving birth to her baby within a span of days. Her life force was sucked by the foetus, making her reed thin and she was dead from the delivery, if not for Edward's attempt to convert her into a vampire in a final bid to save her. Therein provides the premise for part 2, I presume.

There was much hype on the wedding dress that Bella was supposed to wear when she walked down the aisle, and the design was kept strictly under wraps until the release of the movie. It was sold soon after the release and that seems to be the talk of the town more than the movie itself. Sadly, there was little exploration or exploitation of the other characters which would have made the movie more interesting.

I am so not looking forward to the finale, except for the sole purpose of completing the entire series which I watched from day one.