09 December 2011


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When age catches up with us, we start to experience all sorts of health issues. From back aches to creaking joints, it makes me question our human mortality and dawns on me in recent years that we are no longer young and invincible anymore, and like all elders before us, our body is starting to breakdown and it seems to be breaking down fast too. 

Youth itself is a valuable asset and one should not neglect its value whilst we still have it. In fact, it is a scary thought to think what would happen to us a decade or two down the road.

So anyway, what is a macular hole and what can one do when it happens? Good vision has to be one of the most important things in a person's life and when it starts to slip away from us, we start to realize how crucial our eyes are.

The following link is very useful for one to find out more about the medical condition that affects one in a thousand people, according to the eye specialist Dr Leonard Ang.


Suddenly, the option of becoming a vampire who reminds forever young is no longer so unimaginable and disgusting anymore.