02 December 2011


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This is Michelle Chong's movie directing debut. Starring herself as the lead actress and Taiwan's singer Alien Huang (better known as 黄鸿升 or 小鬼) as the male lead, with guest appearances by various local artistes such as David Gan, Patricia Mok, Cynthia Koh, Irene Ang, Kumar, Chua Enlai,Li Teng, Pornsak, Nat Ho, Romeo Tan and Sylvester Sim to lend their support, the movie is actually quite entertaining for a local production although the pace could have been better.

The simple kampung girl from Yong Peng came to Singapore in pursuit of her dreams of becoming the next big tv actress, but her journey was not smooth-sailing and was fraught with lots of obstacles and discouragement. In the process, she met and found solace and encouragement in the neighbourhood coffee shop boy who finally became her hubby.

The movie is interesting in that most local chinese would be able to identify with the local dialect, singlish and slang and there were some rather catchy parts, like the song. I heard that Michelle sold her condominium to finance this movie and most artistes in the entertainment industry and locals turn out in droves to support her film. Frankly, I seldom watch local production movies because I find them very slapstick but I watched this and enjoyed it. This film is also screening in as far as Taiwan and Hong Kong but in comparison to the recent Taiwanese movie "You Are the Apple of My Eye" which I watched, there is still a lot of catching up to do. But for a start, I think it is good enough!

Two trailers of the movie are attached below: