16 March 2010


When we first bought this tree, we were told the flowers were royal blue in colour. Frankly, I did not know what that colour is.

Obviously, this is not a commonly planted Lagerstroemia in our landscape. My very observant colleague informed me that he saw it planted along the roadside at Toa Payoh and I confirmed his observation when I drove past the area.

This tree does not have a very dense crown and when it flowers, most of its leaves are shed. But the relatively large purplish-white flowers do have its allure, as evident from these photos taken on 8 Mar 10.

At HortPark, there were 2 groups of them planted to mark the gateways to and out of the Broadwalk. 1 set of 10 was planted below HortMart and 1 set was planted at the Hands-On-House and Golden Garden area.