07 March 2010


This was the second nursery I visited on 1 Mar 10.

There was a range of plants that I wanted to purchase and some would be seen in HortPark soon while others would be unveiled during SGF 10.

The first photo is of the shrubby Callistemon 'Hot Pink'. To the layman, they are probably more familiar with the red-flower variety that reminds one of a milk bottle brush, hence its common name Bottle Brush. Well, this pink is interesting and according to the supplier, it can be grown indoors.

The second photo is of an interesting bronzy lobed leaf of a tree with character. I cannot remember the name but I would welcome this addition at HortPark anytime. How often do we come across such coloured big leaves?

Does the third photo remind you of a vampire? Was it laughing or snarling at me when I took its photo? It reminded me of my dog. This one is so fluffy that I could almost imagine lying on its thick fur coat.