06 March 2010


On my way to work on 25 Feb 10, I came across these weeds along Pasir Panjang Road. In fact, I always see these weeds but this is the first time I am giving it some screen time.

I do not know the name of this herbaceous weed but I love the plant's whorled arrangement of leaves giving it a compact look. In addition, it has such prominent veins, creating an illusion of dark and light stripes on the leaves as a result of the effect of light cast onto the plant.

So even without flowers, the leaf texture alone is very attractive.

As for the bottom photo, the newly sprouted leaves are from a self-sown tree that was cut over and over again by the grass cutting contractor. What I like about this plant is the reddish stems and petioles that captured my attention. Well, I am sure I would still be seeing it very frequently.