01 March 2010


I couldn't resist posting this. It jumped the queue as this photo was taken on 27 Feb 10 and I have not even posted the series of photos taken from 17 Feb 10 onwards.

For visitors to HortPark, please look at the Ficus lyrata cultivar on the staircase leading up to the Visitor's Centre. I am actually wary of posting this because I am worried of any poachers who may destroy what is there.

If you look closely, you will find a bird's nest weaved on the chinese knot decorated on this tree for Chinese New Year. Yup, you did not see wrongly. It's an olive-backed sunbird's nest. You can see the cute mother peering out from the nest. This got a lot of us excited when it was first spotted. In fact, there was a similar nest made on the Millettia reticulata trellis at the Car Park Garden recently but the nest disappeared after a few days, presumably it was taken by some visitor.

I would like to request all visitors who read this to please, please, please, please, please ...... leave the nest as it is and not disturb or remove it. Nature came to our doorstep and we should all be responsible to respect these animals and allow everyone to just admire the beauty of it without removing it. Please be considerate and give the poor bird the chance to breed here.