07 March 2010


Oh, this is the last post for the day. There were so many things waiting for me to be done today.

I spent a good few hours decommissioning my home aquarium. I procrastinated doing it for a while and I finally did it. It was tiring and I only finally got to sit down around 2 hours ago. I had to post the outstanding blog posts because there would be a huge number of photos I need to sort out following my upcoming trip.

Anyway, these photos were taken at Suntec City. The marine fishes and corals etc reminded me of my previous obsession with them and my enjoyable experience of setting and maintaining a marine tank at home for years. But age is catching up and time is not on my side, so I had to eventually give up my hobby of having a marine aquarium of fishes, corals, shrimps etc.

The first photo shows a fish with beautiful eyes and lips. Don't you feel like kissing it?
The second showed a crown-of-thorns starfish. There were many other beautiful starfishes and usually this is not kept because it is known to feed on some corals.

The third shows the mushroom corals. It looked kind of bleached though.

The fourth showed a very vibrant, gregarious but pugnacious, obnoxious and territorial blue damsel. I cannot remember its full name but when you have damsels like them in a small tank, you can only afford to keep one or few because they tend to fight and it is hard to keep other fishes, especially the more timid and shy ones like angels with them.

The fifth is a beautiful red soft coral that expands and contracts in size with the light etc. When it is healthy, it is fully expanded and you can see the fine "bristles" (I cannot remember the term for it) feeding. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I am not sure if the sixth photo is that of a roboski hamster? I was so tickled pink when I saw this cute little hamster licking the corner of the glass tank, with eyes closed, for a good couple of minutes. Did it think it was licking the water feeding ball just above it? I haven't had hamsters for years now since the last one died of dehydration on me! I know, I deserved to be punished and I think I was.

The last photo showed 2 rabbits, which I never dare to keep as pets because of their sizes, appetites and voracious breeding abilities.

Alright, it's time for dinner before I start packing!