20 July 2010


A few days ago, I posted a similar photo and subject. This Honolulu Creeper along the railings of the Butterfly Garden were attracting all sorts of insect pollinators.

There were many bees, day flying moths and wasps flitting from flower to flower, except butterflies. Frankly, I cringed every time a bee or wasp flew off from the flower when I was taking the photos because I suffer from an allergy from insect bites. Twice, a decade apart, I was hospitalized because of some flying insects stung me.

I was praying hard that they didn't sting me and a lot was at stake as I was putting my life at risk when I took their close-up photos. So give me some credit for it. Now that I had what I need, I wouldn't go near them anymore, not with a million dollars. Ok, for a million dollars and nothing less, I would do it.