25 July 2010


I was shocked when I walked past this marine aquarium on 16 Jul 10.

Seriously, I think they should change this display to a more sustainable terrarium of plants or freshwater aquarium fishes and plants.

The marine aquarium is definitely not maintained well by Suntec's Management. The number of replacements of corals etc were amazing. They never last long in this big tank because they are not easy to sustain. That was why I gave up this hobby because it doesn't help the cause of environmental sustainability.

Just look at this fish skeleton. It is not fake and I don't even know what fish it was from the skeleton. The Sea Pen that I showed in an earlier post would also be gone soon because I don't think it was fed with plankton etc. It was already shrinking in size the last I saw it a few days ago. Similarly, I do not know how long the starfish would last.