20 July 2010


I pitied this crippled pigeon and tried to feed it Mc Donald's french fries outside Heeren.

But it was just no match for the other able-bodied bullies all around it. There were more than a trio of them. Every time we tried to lure the bullies elsewhere and threw the fries in the direction of this malnourished pigeon, it was always too slow to reach and pick up the pieces when it was hobbling on one foot. The others would spread their wings and descended on the fries like they had been starving for the longest time.

Ironically, they were all very fat and well fed compared to this loner which was shedding feathers its head and body. That was why I could tell it was unhealthy. I think sooner than later, this lone pigeon would die of starvation. At that moment, I felt like picking it home to give it all my love, I mean the food, but I didn't.

In this animal world, it seemed almost heartless and cruel. I didn't see any of these other pigeons giving in or bringing food to this lone pigeon, which had a hard time fending off the others. In the human world, at least I know some of us would give to the unfortunate and poor. Is that the greatest distinction between them and us? Is that why we are of a higher intellectual and emotional level than them? There was only complete apathy and I did not a single ounce of sympathy from any of these pigeons. Are they really not capable of emotional feelings and are driven purely by the basic needs? In this pigeon eat pigeon world, survival of the fittest seems to make a lot of sense.