26 July 2010


I bought this orchid Dendrobium senile during SGF 10 and I found the name to be intriguing. I must admit that other than the first photo, the rest were not my own photos. They were taken off the web.

The entire plant is covered with filamentous hairs and I was wondering how the flowers look like. From my own blurred photo, it did not do justice to the plant. So I put up the other photos here as reference. The common name is aptly named Old Man Orchid or White-Haired Dendrobium.

It is apparently a cool growing orchid with fragrant flowers that bloom around January to March.

I always don't have much luck with orchids but I certainly hope mine would eventually flower in time to come. Below are two links that I found on this unusual orchid.
  1. http://www.orchids-flowers.com/orchids/dendrobium-senile-orchid/
  2. http://www.rv-orchidworks.com/orchidtalk/cattleyas-vandas-dendrobiums-bloom/17553-dendrobium-senile.html