27 July 2010


These were just some of the other purchases I made during SGF 10.

The 1st photo showed a Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' orchid. The attached image shows a flowering sample from the web.

The 2nd variegated Dendrobium is one of my favourites. There was no name given to it. I have never seen such a variegation before. Where most variegated orchid leaves were green and yellow, this one is green, white with pink edges. Maybe I should have bought more of it as stock plants.

I think the 3rd is a miniature Oncidium without a name too.

The Tillandsia funkiana and T. ionantha were not new to me. I saw the former as an outstanding huge clump that measured at least 1.5 m in height at Philippines before and the latter is one of the most common Air Plants. In fact, the T. ionantha clump sent out multiple-flowers recently.

Then there was this flowering Bulbophyllum lepidum (I suppose?).

As I was watering my plants just now, I remembered a few other orchids were not posted here e.g. Bulbophyllum lasiochilum, B. lepidum (yellow). The latter had a floral bud that was developing, so I should be able to post photos of the flowers soon.