26 July 2010


I just watched the psychothriller movie 'Inception' yesterday and there was a strong cast of actors and actresses from Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao and of course Cillian Murphy.

It is not a movie for everyone though. With its convoluted plot or rather dreams of many levels, it is actually rather complicated or should I say complex to comprehend at times. It is interesting how sometimes our lives are like dreams and how our dreams seemed so real. The line is blurred in this movie when dreams become reality and reality is sometimes just a dream.

Leonardo was as usual a tormented soul who was trying to return home to his kids but could not reconcile the loss of his wife. Joseph is not your hunky leading man type but he was delightful in his acting. After the sitcom 'Third Rock From The Sun', he has certainly come a long way. I love his acting in the previous movie '500 Days of Summer'. Ellen Page is so precocious and is now taking on bigger and bigger roles. In this movie, she was an highly brilliant architect undergraduate who was able to communicate with Leonardo at a deeper level. Tom Hardy was interestingly funny at times. Ken Watanabe had presence and commanded attention when he was on scene. Dileep was a saviour in a way. Without him, they would never have made it back from their dreams. Cillian Murphy was once again a joy to watch despite this role being a supporting one.

I know some people would throroughly enjoy this movie.