20 July 2010


Would you bat an eyelid if you see them about a metre away from your face?

I didn't. In fact, I was in awe of and completely mesmerized by them. Never in my ? decade life have I ever encountered them so close to me. And there I was, standing slightly more than an arm's length away from them, and stared right at them. I swore this one could see me and was staring back at me warily although they rely more on sonic waves to navigate in the night.

I just learnt recently that a bat can eat up to 800 mosquitoes a day and it is good to have them around to keep the mosquitoes away.

Anyway, I learnt my lesson from the bulbul incident. This time round, I will not broadcast to the mass where I saw them. I can be very certain that soon after I tell some of them and warn them not to disturb the area, the next thing I know they would be disturbed and their roosting area destroyed.

They didn't remind me of rats. Rather the one that looked right at me reminded me of something - my little princess. I was almost sure it would pull its wings over its eyes to block me out. Thank goodness they are fruit bats, not vampire bats, and did not bear their teeth at me otherwise I would bat more than just my eyelids and run away screaming.