12 December 2010


These are all plants in the Golden Garden.

I was told by my colleague that this variegated tree that I did not wish to prune is actually a Terminalia and not a Tabernaemontana, as initially thought, and I think he is absolutely right!

Fortunately, they heeded my advice earlier and allowed it to grow and now, looking at the top 3 photos, we think it is a Terminalia foetidissima (variegated) from the palmate leaves. But we can only confirmed it after it flowers and fruits.

I don't think I have posted about the commonly planted Galphimia glauca (synonym: Thryallis glauca; common name: Golden Thryallis, Gold Shower, Rain of Gold) from the Malphighiaceae Family before, so here are 2 photos of it. The links are attached here:
There is this variegated yellowish-green leaves shrub that we bought overseas and which I planted in the garden for its foliage. So far, it has not flowered, so I can only guess it to be a Graptophyllum and wait for the flowers.

The last 2 photos are of the actual Tabernaemontana corymbosa (variegated). Upon closer inspection, the leaf arrangement is indeed different from the Terminalia mentioned above.