13 July 2010


In issue 1021 of 8 days, following the recent star awards where the taiwanese host Li Jing kept hugging Mark Chao, it said hugging has the following benefits:

  1. Hug equals love. Love is good. - Apparently, hugging releases oxytocin (known as love toxin) in the body, especially in large amounts during childbirth to induce bonding.
  2. Hugs reduce blood pressure.
  3. Hugs reduce stress. - It was found that cortisol, the stress hormone, was lowered after a hug.
  4. Bear hug, not air hug. - A deep pressure hug brings calm and relaxation to a person, increases circulation etc.
  5. Hugs feel good. - A hug makes a person feel more comfortable and socially accepted.
  6. Got no one to hug? - The team recommended the Mimipong Tear Doll from Strangelets at 87 Amoy Street, tel 6222 1456, if you don't have anyone to hug.
So what are you waiting for?