14 July 2010


The Native Garden is maturing very well and I just love to walk into the garden and admire its beauty. You can tell how much I love this garden by the number of photos I attached in this post.

The Ardisia elliptica sprouted new leaves and the fruits of the Ficus deltoidea were interesting with the reddish tip.

The water feature is definitely one of my favourites. The light reflection in the water was beautiful. The Alstonia spatulata was grown at the water edge and interestingly, it was doing very well as evident from the new leaf flushes. Before this, I didn't know of any Alstonia that can take wet feet.

The Curculigo capitulata also sent out small yellow flowers at its base. The Crinum asiaticum also produced clusters of beautiful pure white flowers.

I believe that in time to come, this garden would be more and more interesting and beautiful. As it is, it was already attracting some butterflies, dragonflies and birds to this area.