05 September 2010


This was a bed of Euphorbia tithymaloides cultivar (synonym: Pedilanthes tithymaloides cultivar) that I planted around Nov last year before the Clean and Green Singapore 2009.

This shrub from the Euphorbiaceae is very easy to maintain. It prefers full sun conditions, requires little water, tolerates heat and dry soils very well. Frankly, this is one foliage plant that I like very much because of the wide range of variegation on their leaves. I brought a pinkish one to the nursery for propagation but this is more of the yellowish variety.

Anyway, I was approaching this bed the other day and noticed something was amiss. I remember planting only a single variety but from far, there seemed to be more than one variety of foreground plant cover. As I went nearer, there were small patches of bleached pinkish white leaves. When I looked closely, it seemed these batch of plants were toppling over, presumably due to some damages to the basal stems and roots, resulting in a depletion of perhaps water and nutrients to these damaged plants. Was the bleaching due to the plant's temporary reaction to the damages? I will monitor it and see.