24 March 2011


The late Christopher Reeve was the most iconic Superman back in the 70s. Then there wasn't a remake of the series from the 80s onwards until the 2006 'Superman Returns' starring Brandon Routh as the lead character Clark Kent aka Superman.

I just read in issue 1066 of 8 Days that Brandon was dropped as Superman in the upcoming sequel as it was considered a flop despite the movie making US$391 million worldwide. Gosh, with that kind of money, how many third world countries can it feed and yet that is not enough for him to reprise his role?

Can you really blame him? Is it his fault for his portrayal of a flat and boring Clark Kent? He is tall, not so dark but handsome, and I think he does a decent job of acting as the down-to-earth and nerdy character. Everyone knows that Superman does not have as much character depth as other superheroes e.g. Batman, Spiderman, who went through much more in their normal lives before becoming a superhero. So no, I kind of pity him because I don't think the flop should be attributed to him alone. In fact, I felt the storyline was very weak right from the start and that brought him down as well. He is as much a victim of the whole failure as the movie company.

So, is he considered a celebrity? What does it mean to be a celebrity? Do I want to be one and what does it take to be one? Just look at the photo below. As Brandon does not possess the typical square-jawed face epitomized by the cartoon character, some of the promotional posters of him were doctored to show him having blue-eyes, a wider face and broader neck. So it is no longer the real him anymore.

I don't want to be a celebrity kind of celebrity and would rather be a certain kind of celebrity. I don't want to lose the real me in the whole process. Get it?