29 March 2011


I love to watch movies that are out of this world, literally. Be it ghosts, aliens, science-fiction, fantasy etc, as long as it is something that we would likely never encounter, I would love to watch them as a form of entertainment and relaxation. Those movies that get me tense and sitting on the edge are the best.

There have been various alien invasion movies in recent months and such movies are usually very liberal in its CGI special effects and this one starring Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez is without exception and is disappointing. But the storyline is boring and the aliens are hardly scary and are mechanically predictable. I wouldn't even talk about the plot, because I fell asleep at various parts of the movie.

Aaron is the soul of this movie and without him, I think it would fare even worse. It is tiring to see Michelle because her characters on TV's 'Lost', movies 'Avatar' and this are rather similar as the typecast tough but forgettable heroine. If I do not know her from 'Lost', I would never notice her at all. For a breakthrough in her celluloid career, I suggest she take on other roles.

A few months from now, no one would remember this movie.