03 March 2011


I was at the ICA this morning to collect my passport. 5 years ago when I was there to do the same, I had a very good experience and memory of the high efficiency at which they do their work. I remember being there in the queue and after the doors opened, I just went up and was out in less than 10 mins.

This time round, I decided to time the whole thing. I reached the place at 7:52 am and joined the same long queue that almost snaked to the back of the building.

When the doors opened sharply at 8:00 am, the queue moved fast and I was through the doors at 8:02 am. I made myself up the escalator to the 2nd level where I scanned my IC at an auto-machine. Afterwhich I proceeded to sit down and wait for my number 5010.

I saw many numbers being buzzed before mine but they were of a different sequence from mine. I realized that with their new online service, which wasn't around back then, of allowing applicants to indicate online their preferred collection dates and times, I must have been put behind this priority list of applicants. So I waited patiently since I only have myself to blame for not registering my collection date and time online. The good thing was, I collected my passport less than 20 mins later and left at 8:22 am.

They must be one of the government agencies with the highest efficiency when it comes to their service delivery. When it comes to the CPF, IRAS etc, their serving time is slower. But then, how complicated can the passport collection process be, right? Having said that, efficiency is one thing but their service staff can be better by being more friendly and courteous. Right now, they are quite aloof.

On the whole, I don't think I can ask for more because as a customer, I am more than happy with the rapid collection of my passport.