06 March 2011


These photos were taken from inside the Marina Bay Sands along the route to the SkyPark ticketing counter. Everything looked big, almost everything.

I feel almost embarrassed to admit that this was my virgin visit to the place. But then again, why should I? After all, I have no interest in gambling.

So immediately after purchasing the tickets, we were ushered into a lift and up we went. It took just a mere 20 odd seconds before we reached the top floor and we didn't feel any sudden jerks, starts or stops in the lift, like in some of those lifts where you feel a sudden pressure in your ears and the lift would abruptly slow to a grind and you get a light and brief sense of giddiness. It was so silent and we felt no apparent changes in the speed even when it stopped, as if we were teleported from the ground to the top floor.