01 March 2011


I just couldn't resist not posting so many photos, especially since I have not been there for years on and the landscape I planted are still around. It is both a consolation and a bit of a disappointment actually.

The Calliandra tergemina var. emarginata, Heliconia 'American Dwarf', Cordyline fruticosa cultivar, Philodendron erubescens 'Gold' and Rhapis excelsa etc that I planted to line the pathways are still there. I remember changing the black algae covered granite crazy pavers to a lighter anti-slip homgenous tiled walkway and I am glad the choice was a prudent one since it still remains bright and algae free. At the upper deck, I constructed a ramp to bring wheel-chair bound users up to the higher level.

Another nearby open space that I was proud to upgrade then was the Robinson Road Open Space but I did not have the time to visit the place. These are some small projects that gave me a slight sense of achievement when I was managing the place because I felt I had contributed towards the general aesthetics and construction of a barrier free access to the park.

Across Maxwell Road was the former Singapore Traffic Police Headquarters building that was since painted a vibrant red and converted into a commercial space known as red dot traffic building and houses all the creative designs from Singapore, which was known as the little red dot on the tourist map and gave rise to the current name of the building. A link is attached here: