30 March 2011


Frankly, this is one of my all time favourite big shrub or small tree in a landscape because of its attractive golden small leaves, mass of bluish or white flowers and golden berries. When I knew the berries attract sunbirds and the flowers are a source of nectar for butterflies, the appreciation quotient went even higher.

From the Family Verbenaceae and commonly known as Golden Dewdrop, Skyflower, this beautiful plant has several species and cultivars and I do not know the real identity. This and its other species and cultivars are often pruned as a low hedge here, which to me kind of diminishes the value of the plant. Whilst I agree that it can make a pretty yellow hedge, it is best planted as a specimen plant so that it can grow, flower and fruit freely. And I look forward to the day when I see this old plant flourish in our landscape, by expressing the biodiversity value it truly brings to our environment.

A link on this wonderful and under-appreciated genus is as follows: