24 March 2011


Everyone would have heard of the fairy tales of 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Three Little Pigs' as a child. These are classic kiddie stories. So, when Hollywood decided to make a movie called 'Red Riding Hood', I knew I would never look at the character the same way ever again.

This is the adult thriller version of the girl, with a red hood in the forest, who encountered a wolf which was out to eat her. Mind you, this movie character is not a pure, innocent girl as we all know her. Just like this isn't your simple and typical wolf eats grandmother and young girl movie. It is yet another werewolf movie. And why should I be surprised since it was produced by the Director of 'Twilight'.

Starring the wide-eyed Amanda Seyfried as the titular character, she oozed more sinister vibes than pure innocence, as she was caught between two men in her life. I guess this version would appeal more to the mass audience and bring in bigger bucks compared to the typical fairy tale version, hence this production. For the observant audience, one would have noticed a scene of the three little pigs and the huffing and puffing wolf that brought down the houses of the pigs. Then there was also the classic "grandma, why are your eyes, ears and mouth so big" so familiar to all who knew of the children's tale.

This legend took on a different spin unconventional of fairy tales, so don't, and I repeat don't, bring your underage child to watch this movie, lest they stop believing in fairy tales after that. Maybe someday, they would also make an adult version of 'The Little Match Girl'. Yes, no? If given a choice, I would pick the very sweet and pretty Bryce Dallas Howard as the boring characters in the classic tales. And that is why I am not a movie Director, because I would never be able to rack in the projected earnings.