30 March 2011


This was the Sentosa day and I cannot remember the last time I was there. This is the first of a series of posts on the plants that I saw at Sentosa.

This is a shrub (scientific name: Pithecellobium dulce 'Variegated'; synonym: Mimosa dulcis, Inga dulcis; common name: Variegated Madras Thorn, Manila Tamarind; Family: Fabaceae) that I love for a long time too and that was why I planted it in the terraced beds outside Marina Square years ago. I am glad to know that the shrub is still there till this day. A link is shown here:

Under full sun and with ample fertilizers, the shrub becomes so brilliantly attractive with its pinkish snowy white blotchy new flushes. How can anyone not love this variegated relative of its wild and unattractive cousin? I think it would make an attractive bonsai plant if trained and pruned properly. A few links on this interesting ornamental shrub are shown below: