03 March 2011


It was damned hot when I went down to the new nature park that is undergoing development. It is a nature park because much of the natural parts of the park is conserved as it is.

The only portion that is being developed is the main entrance area with a shelter and landscaped beds, and the main circulation path that is turfed with Zoysia matrella. There are 3 zones within this large park and they are the open wasteland, the freshwater pond and the secondary forest trail.

Bioswales are being constructed to drain the surface runoff into small ponds and streams etc and there are some interesting plants that I have not seen elsewhere. Bird hides were also made from natural branches weaved together to form a natural screen.

Oh, it was so hot that some photos were overposed to the light and appeared washed out and I almost fainted from the heat and become a dried corpse. When I was home, I realized my arms had 2 distinctive colour tones of dark and light.

A link on the bioswale is shown below.