25 March 2011


In the earlier post, I showed the plants from the living room window but in this post, I am showing the plants and view from the inside along the corridor.

These are a Dendrobium and a Bulbophyllum that I bought at a potted flower shop across Queensway Shopping Centre. That was 20 days ago and yet the bunch of white flowers with an orange throat on the Dendrobium are still looking good, except for one flower that wilted. In fact, the Bulbophyllum also flowered and I will post about it separately.

As I took the photos, I noticed this strange colour from the corner of my eye. To my surprise, it was a pinkish flower of the variegated Aptenia cordifolia. In fact, I felt bewildered because I know this plant needs lot of sunlight to grow well and flower. And yet, this flower on the trailing plant bloomed under the shade of the monster Mirabilis stems. There was not a single flower in sight along the other stems that were cascading over the concrete wall and exposed to the most amount of sunlight. Well, I don't have any answer on this at the moment.