05 December 2010


This is yet another alien invasion movie. Produced by the Brothers Strause, I thought this was a once-off kind of movie until I read the review that it was only the first of a series. The movie was full of special effects that compensated for its less than exemplary cast of lesser known actors and actresses such as Scottie Thompson, Eric Balfour and Donald Faison etc, who cameoed or acted in small parts in other television series or movies.

The premise of alien invasion and abduction is so cliche but I immediately fell in love with the lights streaming through the rooms, just like the other humans were drawn by the mysterious blue lights in the dawn of the early morning and were vacuumed into the spaceships. But it wasn't just pure simple abduction. It was a case of brain harvesting, which only became apparent towards the later half of the show.

So the rest of the movie was about how they all tried to escape from the aliens, until in the end it seemed that all was lost when all the protagonists were killed, except for the final scene when Elaine (Scottie Thompson) was protected by her dead boyfriend Jarrod (Eric Balfour), whose brain was removed and inserted into the alien's body. It ended with some still images of the alien "Jarrod" trying to protect the pregnant Elaine from other attacking aliens.

The ending was kind of abrupt and anti-climax for me, but now that I know it is only part of a series, I hope the other parts to be released would be good. I am so looking forward to see the complete story.