01 July 2010


This is one of my favourite areas within HortPark. It was supposed to be planted up as a bird corridor and butterfly trail and subsequently developed as a new theme garden for guided tours etc. However, this did not materialise under me.

Anyway, it was still a pleasure to walk through this place anytime because there are always plenty of butterflies, just like the those captured in these photos taken on 9 Jun 10.

There were numerous Leopards found on the young leaf flushes of the Flacourtia inermis, apparently because they were looking for the host plant to lay their eggs.

The Duranta erecta plants are also a good nectar plant for the butterflies as there are always numerous butterflies flocking to it for nectar, like the Mottled Emigrant shown below.

Right here, I did not chop down the African Tulip tree (Spathodea campanulata) and retained them because they pose no hazard to the general public and they can appreciate the orange flowers from afar.

Other than butterflies, there are also dragonflies, like the one hidden amongst the leaves of the Acacia auriculiformis at the water edge.

Finally, there is the Common Palmfly, captured once again in photo.