09 December 2010


The park looks so different today compared to 3 decades ago. My memory of the place was visiting the beach with my parents and siblings and staying under the shade of those wooden cabins. Other than that, I cannot remember anything about it.

I read somewhere that the beach is popular for sea-burial or rather scattering the dead's cremated ashes into the sea. Other than that, urns of ashes were sometimes found left behind at the bases of the big, mature trees in the park.

Look at the beautiful landscape with Ketapang trees on this side of the park leading to the Changi Jetty. I remember the park was redeveloped by URA a few years ago and a new board walk was built along the coast of the park. So far, I have not been on the trail though. On the other side of the park across the footbridge were coastal trees and palms such as the Casuarina or Common Ru, Sea Hibiscus, Coconut Palm etc.