07 October 2010


Gosh, I am totally addicted to this iphone game Pocket Frogs. The obsession started only 2 days ago when I received another game from someone.

I was never a game fan but being a frog lover, I tried this game out and that was it. I am a goner now.

I am only at level 4 and had bred many, many frogs thus far. I have given up on the common frogs and are breeding the rarer ones to score more points to go up to the next level. I think there are 8 levels but I am not going to read about it. I would rather play it.

I almost gave up blogging for these 2 days and had to literally wrench myself away from the iphone. The phone went dead very soon yesterday and I had to recharge it soon than before.

Oh gosh, when can I complete the entire game and rid myself of the addiction?