04 October 2010


This is a beautiful herbaceous houseplant Persian Violet. It is often treated as an annual or biennual and discarded after the flowering ceases.

When the flowers are pollinated, the seeds can be collected for germination. I did that last time and there were lots of seedlings but I always have no patience with growing seedlings, so in the end, I lost everything.

In its natural habitat, it grows amongst rocks and the ground near rivers in well-drained soils. When grown indoors, it needs to be watered regularly to ensure the leaves and flowers are turgid.

Perhaps I should try growing it in a terrarium and see if I manage to get them to grow big enough. The flowers are bluish purple with yellow stamens, hence the common name. However, there is a less common white flower variety that I only saw in websites. There is also apparently a rarer double-petaled variety. A few links are attached below: