02 June 2010


I just had to put up a post about today because it is a momentous day for me. I have now reached another critical milestone in my life, so I have to document it for posterity.

The truth is, today is not much different from any other day for me except that I am on leave from work. But due to some unpleasant stuff that happened at work yesterday, I was really in need of something to make my day and forget about the unhappiness etc.

The wet morning welcomed me in the morning when I woke up. I love the rain and the coolness it brings. So I was at least off to a good start!

I drove to the Singapore Expo's John Little sale at Hall 4. Actually, I drove there last Friday on Vesak Day too but that day was really a disaster. I was stuck in the traffic jam for more than half an hour and eventually I left the place because the crowd was too huge and there was no possibility of me finding a parking space unless I was prepared to stay on.

Back to the JL shopping this morning. I bought quite a few stuff. These days, I have turned into a shopaholic that I am sometimes scared to go shopping! Anyway, this bed of nicely flowering Ixora siamensis at the Expo carpark also brought a smile to my face because I have not seen them being planted for a while and such mass flowering is hard to come by these days.

Next, I went swimming again and I am proud to have swam 40 lengths of the pool today. It was so blissful to be underwater. I really love to see the underwater ripples made by the sun's rays. At the deeper pool, I could see the ripples shimmering dynamically with the movement of the surface of the water. Even when someone swam past, more radiating ripples were created. I tried to swim very casually and slowly with no haste so that I could maximize the amount of time I spent below the water looking at the ripples, and at the same time feeling the soft warm movement of water around my body. It felt so cozy to be wrapped up by the pool water. That has to be the most therapeutic feeling I felt for a long time. In fact, I spent hours at the pool today and would have continued swimming if not because I was hungry and wanted to go back early to avoid the rush hour crowd on the bus.

Then, I had the Botak Jones steak and cajun chicken, bread, an egg and coffee to fill my stomach for an early dinner. Afterwhich, I went back home to catch up on work. When I reached home, the flowers of my Bauhinia bidentata greeted me near my doorstep. Though the flowers were few and small, I was still happy. I guess today I am in a really good mood.

Well, I wouldn't say it is a particularly eventful day but I am pleased with how I spent it. That is all that matters to me.