06 June 2010


I saw this beautiful wall of Ipomoea on 16 Apr 10 at Brisbane on one of the building walls across the Convention Centre.

I grew this at home before but it produced so much leaves without flowering, just like the Mexican Flame Vine. Like other Ipomoeas, they also have this sporadic mealy bugs infestation on its leaves, and it can be quite irritating because I am worried it would spread to other neighbouring plants. So in the end, I gave it to my nursery. Eventually they also threw it away because of the pests problems,

So it was a pleasant surprise for me to encounter this plant again in a foreign country many kilometres away from home. On this wall, there were a lot of flowers, but they was considerably a lot more leaves. I am very certain it would look very good on a trellis.

I felt so tempted to hunt for it back in Singapore so that I could plant it at HortPark. But I couldn't find it and now that things have changed, I can no longer plant it at the place I envisioned anymore.