28 June 2010


When I started pruning the Cordia cylindristachya near the foreground of the photo on 20 May 10, I startled a bird that flew out from amongst the branches and perched itself on the white-flowered Calliandra towards the right.

Upon closer inspection, I saw a nest with 2 brown mottled eggs. Ah, so this must be the parent bird, presumably female, trying to hatch the eggs. Apparently, it loves to build its nest amongst thick dense vegetation, so I stopped pruning the Cordia to provide some form of shade, screen and cover for the nest.

As I stepped away towards a corner, the mother bird flew right back to its nest. Only a doting parent would provide such dedicated attention to its young. Unfortunately, days later, the eggs were damaged and the parent was nowhere in sight. The eggs never had a chance and neither did I get to see the nestlings. What a pity!