28 June 2010


I read in The Straits Times, 1 Dec 09, Page C3 about South-east Asia's biggest butterfly farm in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

It has about 1,500 butterflies with a koi pond. There is a restaurant that serves tropical cuisines from breakfast to dinner and has a host of activities for the whole family. Built at a mere $69,000, the centre gets its butterfly supplies from 12 villagers at its inception and hopes to increase the figure to at least 100 farmers to provide a regular source of income to the poor.

A garden enclosure measuring 40 m x 26 m houses about 30 species of butterflies at any time. Whilst it is nowhere in comparison to the world's largest or most expensive butterfly gardens, it is a project of humble origin that appeals to one's sense of belonging to nature and to cambodia's rich culture.