06 June 2010


I was reminded that yesterday (5 Jun) was World Environment Day. In fact, 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) as declared by the UN. Separately, Gaia is a greek mythological goddess of earth and is often linked to Mother Nature.

This is not the first year for the campaign "Saving Gaia" but 2010 marks the first International Year of Biodiversity held here in Singapore. Both events address issues of worldwide environmental destruction, habitat degradation and biodiversity loss, raising awareness and conservation of remaining flora and fauna etc before it is too late.

I don't particularly identify with this Saving Gaia logo and the female sign was used to represent "mother" nature. Yes, it's time mankind do something constructive to save the earth before everything crumbles. Besides the government, the collective efforts of every individual is necessary to save what's left of our natural environment and protect it from further deterioration. But I agree it's easier said than done.

I am providing a link to a 10 mins video on the GBO-3 (Global Biodiversity Outlook third edition) that was recently broadcasted to our staff. It provides a glimpse of the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna on earth and how rapidly they are vanishing. A grim picture was painted to remind us that if we don't step in fast enough and if there are no significant improvements in the next few decades, the future of earth is doomed and bleak.


Frankly, I am not confident that mankind would pull through this at the rate things are going. Humans in general are often too conceited and selfish and believe they own everything they can see, hear or touch etc, including the earth. But if you think you can prove me wrong or feel you can make a difference to save the earth, then please do what you can within your limits to save what's left for our future generations to come.