05 June 2010


This is a young payaya leaf, the photo of which was taken by me this morning, from a 0.6-0.8 m payaya plant that my mother grew from seeds weeks back.

The Crossandra was given by me to her sometime last year, next to the fast growing payaya with a few other seedlings. They are not really growing too well because the corner flat does not receive enough light.

All these reminded me of how much my mum loves gardening and how much she sometimes yearns for a private house with some land to do her gardening. My love for gardening was inspired by her and I mentioned this in some interviews last year. If not for her love of gardening, I may not be in this profession today. Her passion in this when I was young really rubbed over to me.

And I would love to someday own such a house and land myself, but I know I cannot afford it, at least not in Singapore. So I would not be able to fulfil her dream and this would always be one of my regrets that I have towards her.