28 June 2010


Everything I go to the Native Garden, I would drop by the Butterfly Garden because they are located next to each other. So these photos were also taken on 19 May 10.

I never really know the Lime Butterfly until I worked on this project. Since then, I love it so much. The wing design patterns are just so spectacular and I am happy that it is the most common urban butterfly. Occasionally, I see it laying eggs on my lime plants and have caterpillars to watch frequently. However, recently I have not seen any caterpillars for a while even though I now have 2 lime plants. I hope the adult butterflies come soon.

The other big butterfly that was successfully bred in the BG was the Tree Nymph. Its black and white beauty is so clean and classic. The ones in the attached photos look so pristine, so they must have eclosed only recently. Even in the animal kingdom, some animals are very clear and everything is in black and white and have no shades of grey in between. Visitors never fail to be in awe of this butterfly because of its size and slow clumsy flight. Unfortunately, it is not a native butterfly.