03 June 2010


I was in a terribly foul mood this morning over some work issues. I was so agitated that I had a bad headache the entire morning.

Luckily, my animal friends came to my rescue. When I went out for lunch, I was greeted by so many butterflies at this bed that I planted near the Pasir Panjang Road entrance to HortPark. I wasn't able to capture them on photos because of their small sizes but I saw so many Plain Tigers, Leopards, Mottled Emigrants, Common Grass Yellows, Common Albatrosses etc. In fact, I saw several Munias and heard singing by some birds too! Don't ask me what birds were those though.

On my way back from lunch, I saw this beautiful or handsome, depending on how you look at it, squirrel staring back at me with its jet black marbled eyes. Aw, how sweet it looked. Did I imagine a smile on its small cute face?

When I reached the office, I felt so much better. So thank you, my feathered, winged and furry friends from the wild. Sometimes I just wish I could summon you all when I need your presence.