04 June 2010


For the first time in a long time, I have not had such a casual lunch time.

Usually, it was a quick walk out for lunch and a quick walk back to work. There was hardly time to pause and see things and take photos.

Today was different. I had a slow stroll, took a photo of this Mottled Emigrant on the Vitex pinnata on the Irrigation Pond bank, captured a photo of a Blue Pansy resting on the Cyperus weed within the drainage reserve and saw this company of Munias on the fence, before I reached the usual coffeeshop.

This cat was lazing at the feet of the table next to me. Despite some disturbance and nudging by the feet of the chair to it, it remained so comfortable under the table, with nary a care in the world. What a life they have!

Today, I had my "kway chap" and wanton soup, before sipping a cup of kopi si. And I did all these in a very relaxed, non-hasty mood within the 1 hour lunch break. How blissful it felt to be able to do such simple daily things without feeling stressed up and the need to rush here and there. Such are the simple pleasures of life!