03 June 2010


We also visited this nursery on 16 Apr 10 and had lunch there.

I liked the simple landscape with just a few granite blocks of staggered heights, undulating Zoysia, miniature Coleus on the right, Nandina domestica behind the low granite blocks and Euphorbia tithymaloides at the top left corner. The hidden pinkish bromeliad in the red low pot stood out when it was viewed from a different angle.

At another corner, there was a one-storey building with interesting outdoor herbs and spices beds, small cute topiaries of a rabbit, teddy bear and elephant, Platypus artwork, interesting blue half-moon flowers (I am not sure if this is Lobelia) and a pretty cone flower and 2 artificial emus.

Then I saw 5 duckies holding a meeting near the pond. The brown one seemed like the leader of the pack.

Finally, there was Gavin, our wonderful Australian guide sitting on the hammock!