10 June 2010


This was one of the last locations of the Australia trip on the last day on 17 Apr 10. I like this park very much and there are quite a number of photos, so I have to break this up into several posts.

The first photo showed the bed of red roses that greeted us at the entrance to the park.

Then there was the interesting sculpture that reminded me of a ring of overlapping half domes structures.

This was followed by the Abelia grandiflora that I love so much. The dishevelled branches add to its allure.

The next photos showed the ever pretty Bauhinia galpinii that I posted so often in this blog.

Then there were 3 black-white coloured Ibis birds that reminded me vividly of the scarlet red ones that I saw in the Jurong Bird Park many years that originated from Egypt.

The Roma Street station is an interchange of sorts and has multiple train lines and buses that ply this area.

In the last photo, they displayed their creativeness by trying to grow the Bougainvilleas up the concrete slope area.