23 April 2011


There are two separate plants here.

The first is a clump of golden bamboos previously planted by me in the Golden Garden but they were recently transplanted out to below this Ketapang Tree along the Broadwalk turning to the Heliconia Walk.

Believe it or not, the second is a diseased cherry from the Muntingia calabura (common name: Buah Cherry, Jamiacan Cherry Tree; Family: Elaeocarpaceae). I planted at least 10 of them around the Irrigation Pond with the intention to attract birds with its ripe red berries, which I love to eat by the way, but they were all diseased! Damned. The trees have grown quite big and is giving good shade. Lots of cherries are produced but instead of turning red, they become spotted with lesions. How disappointing. Anyway, a link on this tree is attached below: