16 April 2011


Everyday on my way to work, I will get to see this beautiful curtain ofQuisqualis indica (common name: Drunken Sailor, Rangoon Creeper) as I walked through the gate. I love this climber so much that I planted it here to remind myself over and over again my love for this plant.

At the Kampung Daze or Fruited Trees and Vegetables Garden, I saw the red fruits of the Canna aquatica. At the shelter beside the Kampung Daze, the ground was waterlogged and I planted it with the fascinating climber Strongylodon macrobotrys(common name: Jade Vine, Emerald Vine; Family: Fabaceae / Leguminosae) but I have not seen it flower until that very day. My colleague suddenly wanted to see this climber and viola, there was a string of the jade coloured flowers when we walked into the shelter to check it out. A link on this plant is shown below:

Next to the Prototype Glass House, the variegated Panicum maximum was flowering again.