04 April 2011


There was another huge Heritage Tree up the trail. But what attracted me were 2 attractive weeds - a serrated leaved Torenia and a trifoliate unknown weed with small violet flowers.

On the lawn was also large amounts of red fruits from the Carpentaria acuminata (common name: Carpentaria Palm; Family: Arecaceae / Palmae) palm. This is another lovely palm that I fell in love with when I saw its regal form with beautiful fronds and masses of scarlet red fruits. Its tiny creamy-white flowers look insignificant. 2 links are shown here for reference:

Finally, there is this huge tree, which I suspected to be a Lecythis with an interesting crown.

NB on 18 Mar 12: Why didn't I think of referring to the BP sponsored book "A Guide to the Wildflowers of Singapore" earlier? Through this book, I managed to identify the above plants as Torenia polygonoides and the trifoliate weed is Desmodium triflorum (common name: Black Clover, Lesser Clover-leaved Desmodium).