09 April 2011


I love going to shop for plants in the nursery and for that, I feel I should sometimes be banned because everytime I go, I will buy back some plants even though I have no place to plant them at home.

Just yesterday, I bought a Clerodendrum thomsoniae, Strophanthus preussii, Selaginella and last week, I bought the Fuchsia.

These photos were taken from the Spa Nursery and Far East Flora along Thomson Road and they have some interesting plants e.g. Crinum 'Menehune', Clerodendrum speciosum, reddish leaved Saxifraga stolonifera, which I was tempted to buy but did not because of mealy bugs. There was this beautiful succulent and I ended up buying a Dendrobium orchid, a small-potted Gardenia and Selaginella, the latter which I subsequently used for the terrarium demonstration at Suntec Convention Centre, as part of the Active Aging event, on 1 Apr 11. I knew there would be bud blast for the Gardenia with the sudden changes in environment (temperature, humidity) but I bought it anyway because I was intrigued by the miniature-size it came in and the numerous buds it was carrying.