22 April 2011


These are some plants grown in HortPark:
  • Tulbaghia violacea (common name: Society Garlic, Wild Garlic; Family: Alliaceae / Umbelliferae)
  • red stemmed Cheilocostus speciosus
  • Uraria crinita (common name: Cat's Tail; Family: Fabaceae / Leguminosae)
  • Hedychium coronarium (common name: White Ginger Lily, Butterfly Ginger; Family: Zingiberaceae)
  • Corymbia 'Summer Beauty' and Whitfieldia elongata
Some of the links are shown below:
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  2. http://www.plantzafrica.com/planttuv/tulbaghviol.htm
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedychium_coronarium
  4. http://www.floridata.com/ref/h/hedyc.cfm